The archaic mysticism of earth

The archaic mysticism of earth, man and the universe never gives form to itself. Only a tew gifted people are able to assist.

In Oleg Drobitko’s work, iron and wood are elevated not only to vague interpretations of sensations, but to actual symbols of the successful touching on the mysterious essence of presentiments and visions of what, for the rest of us, remains concealed.

His treatment of the archaic is not only revealed in the choice of materials that allow him to express possible interpretations in shapes which — after absorbing reflection, touching and feeling — suddenly acquire meaning. Rather: it is thrilling that simple wood combined with iron will become petrified for billions of years: and it may be that the finest music will float towards it when warmer wood has experienced even deeper sensations and captured the heart’s melodies.

Or else music may vibrate in resting stone, even in the stone of all stones: radiant, snow-white marble, soft and yet not cold to the touch, where tangibly excited sounds are uni­ted slowly, and with virginal hesitation, with the unsheathed strings.

Oleg Drobitko’s art conveys perceptions of archaic values of the heart and soul, made visible and tangible through elaborate and ingenious treatment of these very substances.

William O. Lingg